Mobile devs of devRant, what does your React Native test coverage look like?

Ours is 27% :/

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    One does not write in React Native because JS doesn’t belong into that context.
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    Test coverage is a nice parameter to follow. But it is just the tip of the iceberg.
    We got 70% test coverage in a previous job. Java Android app, tested on actual devices.
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    @fullstackchris you have test coverage? 😲 Here the customer is too cheap to pay for tests to be written which is why I have to fix all kinds of bugs in production 🤦
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    Are the 93% of the files belonging to configurations and model classes?
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    % of potatoes is still potato.

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    Test coverage is overrated. Especially on the frontend because UI can‘t be tested in unit tests.
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    Unit tests - preferably hight coverage on important classes
    UI tests - well testing the UI, its states etc.
    Integration tests - testing your business logic, user flows etc

    But the again there is also
    Acceptance testing
    Regression testing
    Smoke testing
    Performance testing
    Accessibility testing

    How much testing is enough and how do you determine the coverage?

    Back to your question my aim is having high unit test coverage like on important classes, have important user flows covered by UI tests plus some happy path integration tests. No idea how to quantify the above.
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