Well....this shit again
This morning or technical manager calls me in his office and says he needs to discus something
sits me down and started talking about a project he needs
A school management system says he presented some demos at the client yesterday but they didn't really like options at the table

Manager: So can you get us something really quick?

Me: Well... what's the time line?
Manager: They needed this like yesterday!
Me: Aaaah....well i think i can have something by 2moro morning
Manager: Aaah! No!.... 2moro it's too late need something like fast
Me: Ok so will look for some online solutions and open source projects
Opens browser, opens github, download project, runs project
project isnt looking good enough
starts designing UI
downloads a system
meet with a "Buy to continue using system" message
calls me
Manager: this was just a demo now it needs payment what should we do
Me: I'll come up with something by 2moro

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    That sort of stuff is a hard line for me these days. If the sale doesn't work because the product doesn't do what they want then fine - move on, find another sale, put the stuff you want to change on the backlog.

    If you try to force every sale through by hacking something together you'll just end up with a company who's responsible for maintaining hundreds of random bits of niche, hacked-together crap that will never work properly, and you'll get the blame for it. Move somewhere where they actually take pride in their work.
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