Usually when you ask "I have a problem with service X, who wrote it?".
The answer is "Y wrote it but he left the company XYZ years ago".
In company I currently work the the answer is "Oh yes X wrote it 20 years ago, go ask him"

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    Thats... What? 20 years old code still running?

    What is this? nuclear launch codes?
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    @magicMirror here 20 years old code is consider modern. We have services wrote in 1995 that are still in use today :D
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    Banks, or hospitals? maybe Some SCADA?
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    heheh same here, and then you talk to the developer of the code and he's like "tf do i know what i did 20 years ago" or "yeah, it's really terrible code"
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    Mainframe: "We are best friends now. FOREVER!"
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    @soull00t But maintenance of such code is really satisfying as you know for sure, that it will not just get replaced by the hippster shit of the week as soon as you are done with it.
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    I had a thing today where I needed a default reviewer to approve a PR before I could merge it. All of the default reviewers left the company at least 6 months ago.
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    We're just starting to replace a system here that was written in the early 90s - one of the guys who wrote it is still here. Rest are long gone.
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    @magicMirror 20 years old is middle age for bank software
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