My LinkedIn is usually pretty quiet. Recently I've received quite a few messages from recruiters. Some of them put numbers in and I look at them, well, the market looks hot.

I like where I am but doesn't hurt to have a look around eh? So I went through some interviews and shit. No preps, not trying to please anyone, being completely honest. And out of the 3 I tried, 1 got to the final round.

Before the final round, the recruiter kept harassing me (it's their job really) about what my "bottom line" is. She said they really liked me but I'm not up to their expectation as a senior role. So they want to proceed with a non-senior role, then climb my ladder up. I told her, I don't give a shit about the title. The she said for that, the salary will be "adjusted" (reads reduced). I told her, look, I said I wouldn't bother if the offer is anything less than X amount of money. Then she said but this company would offer 10% bonus, which will add up , mind you, "close to" X. She said she wanted to know so we don't waste the director's time (as the final round is to meet the bloody director).

I said, if I need to disclose my bottom line before going to this, which is pretty much my negotiation, then let's call it off. No point wasting my time either.

The next day I received the last call from her. They fucked right off.

I know everyone here already knows. But let me experience be another example of how a plague recruiters is. I don't have any experience like this before but this is probably a fucking lowball case too.

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    It's not just recruiters, it's the companies too.

    Like you said - the market is hot. Huge demand for engineers, and we're in short supply.

    But still, every company thinks they can get you for less. They publish high salary to lure you in, then try reducing it with these excuses or making you feel inadequate.
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    Sometimes you have no real choice but to work with them unfortunately - you just need to have a few tactics for dealing with them. One of those is to increase your bottom line by the expected bonus amount, then add a bit - that way if they make arguments like the above, you're still good to go. And if you do get what you ask for, even better.
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    According to linkedIn the market is not only hot, but female, blonde and equipped with big breasts and false smiles. But swiping through the recruiters does not only visually resemble Tinder - it's also the same cirle of lure, humiliation and ghosting going on. Sometimes it's hard not to remember where to post the random dick pics followed by insulting messages.
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    Recruiting sucks man, bunch of morons looking for future linus torvalds skills to write css and html glued with javascript but let us ask you complex algorithms questions cause we’re reinventing another shit. And by the way great cv but we don’t give a fuck about what you wrote there, so please solve this problem.
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