I have noticed I have had great success using another co-worker as a metaphorical rubber duck (sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally). It improves my productivity vastly. However, I know that it probably distracts others when I am using them in that way.

That's why I want to buy a literal rubber duck and talk to it. I could do it very quietly and most of my close co-workers use noise-cancelling headphones 80% of time while sitting at their desks. My only concern is other people passing by my desk would think that I am weird. My desk is in an open space and several people pass by it every hour. (however on my floor besides developers we have HR, marketing and people from high up who might be unfamiliar with the rubber duck method).

Is it unprofessional to talk to a rubber duck at the office?

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    Put on a headset while talking to the rubber duck and pretend you're on the phone with a coworker
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    @bedawang or give it a phone and make an actual call to it
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    @dooter Having a rubber duck is not weird at all and I think talking to other devs is even better.
    If you have the feeling that it's distracting others, go to a quiet spot like the break room.
    I like your username btw 😄
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    i just look at my rubber duck and the dialogue is in my head. feeling like a retard when actually holding a conversation with it 😐
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