Hey devRanters, how do you charge your phone?

1) Let ist almost drop to about 1-5%, and then let it charge fully up over night, and keep it plugged in till morning.
2) Just let it drop about 10-20% and charge it immediately up, and unplug it, when it reaches full charge

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    Usually do 2 but I've been doing 1 lately due to exhaustion
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    Never let your battery fall below 15%-20%, it affects it badly.

    Also, never charge it to 100% for the same reason.

    In general, try to keep it between 20% and 90%.
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    Yeah was doing 1 now do 2 but battery is fucked up
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    Mobile developer - Always plugged in, always >90%
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    It depends on the technology of the battery: NIMH, NICD, LIPO...
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    @No-one Doubting is good mentality but for phones what I said is true, you can look it up.
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    @Plinn Right now every phone uses a lithium based battery chemistry so the 20/90 rule applies.
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    1. My bad :(
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    After 15 % by using 4g, it goes 8% in 5 second and 1% in next second,at 1% I plug it, but the switching off logo comes, Fuck that. How to be faster than time so that I reach tp the charger in the next room within 2 seconds ?
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    i have a phone connected to the wall 24-7 and i just use whatsapp web on pc to communicate
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    I think I can look at maybe 20 more rants before the screen turns off and I have to try and find my charger
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    Every night when i go to sleep
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    3. Realize it's off for hours...
    Just... One... More... Line...
    Plug in charger 2 days later
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    @nickpapoutsis I apply this rule but not the 90% thing. From what I've heard it's especially that the battery chemistry can be badly altered when in low voltage, due to high or low temperatures. I cringe when I see ppl leaving their computer on 0% during the winter...
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    4: Plug it in every night, unplug it every morning. Magnetic bedside table cable FTW.
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