Random Uncle: So what do you do?

Me: Uncle, I'm a dev at xyz company.

RU: Ah so what do they do

Me: Uncle we work in the internet advertising business, kind of like AdSense

RU: So you basically spam the web?

Me: Yes :/

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    i am a dev at a defence industry firm and militarism is usually frowned upon amongst my close friends, so i can relate (neither am i very proud to work here, i relieve myself by the fact that particular project i'm working on is used for training purposes, not for actually killing people).
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    Your uncle blames you now for every spam encounter
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    You love the word "uncle" don't you?😁
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    @firefish just Indian things
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    The tag is the most hypocritical thing I have ever read 😂 never again will I feel guilty when I see: "Please disable adblock".
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    @cors Or that is what they tell you...
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    I am still not disabling my AdBlocker
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    While we're on the subject, can you block the 'disable the ad-block' pop-ups?
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    @starrickcrwford we don't do that sadly. We just place the ads based on users search patterns.
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