Angular2 vs React???


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    Experiment both and see for yourself.
    One is just a library for the view, other is a full framework.
    With a full framework everything is more opionated. With only a library you have the freedom to you use whatever you want for the other parts you need. They are very similar on the component arquitecture approach, both very fast. So to me is a matter of taste really.
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    Vue js. After learning it, I understand react and angular much better.
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    @saiphp Yeah, vue seems really cute. Trying it at this very moment.
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    It might be simpler to start off with React, as that handles a lot less than Angular. That's my reasoning at least.

    I haven't begun learning any of them yet, but to my knowledge you can combine them by using React to handle the View part, and Angular for everything else.
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    React + angularjs i heard about

    React+ angular (2+) i don't think will work. And why would you do something like that? What benefit react gives you that angular dont?
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    @Noob "cute" is a odd choice of words...
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    @searchindex I read an article about it yesterday. According to it, React is a lot faster and more responsive than Angular. If you used React to handle the View and Angular for everything else, that was supposed to be faster.

    I dug through my browsing history to find the article and link to it. Noticed the date it was published: 3. August 2015 -_-

    So you were right, it was Angular1/Angularjs and React.
    Article for reference: http://effectiveui.com/blog/2015/...
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    Yeap, react is much faster than angularjs

    React vs Angular... In speed, there's not much difference

    Btw angularjs is the official name of angular v1. X
    Angular is the official name for v2+
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    @nblackburn After byilding a simple message board today I definitely think of Vue as cute.
    It's not as huge and as versatile as Angular 2 but it does the job quickly and is very comfortable.
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    @Noob I see what you mean now but disagree on the versatility point.
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    @nblackburn I still have to learn the whole thing ;)
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