These are the questions distracting me while debugging

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    Must.. Obtain... Knowledge!!!
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    Don't leave us hanging dude, what was the answer? 😅
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    Would it?!
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    @matsaki95 provided we have a 4d object in our universe which seems to be 3d
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    @matsaki95 I don't think there are 4d objects in our universe

    If I'm super wrong correct me please
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    Is a Parselmouth immune to the effects of the stare of the Basilisk?

    Would a 4-dimensional being be able to see inside other people?
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    Technically we are a 4th Dimensional being. Our life and day to day activities are dependent on time itself.
    I think that guy meant a 5th dimensional being. Anyways, just gonna leave this here: "Curse of Dimensionality" Check it out.
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    @codeblood wouldn't that still leave us as 3 dimensional, with the closest, yet still imperceivable dimension being laid out as a construct of the mind, such that we see it as chronological change the same way a being of the 2nd dimension would view the 3rd?
    (Just my two cents)
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