Maybe I am just sensitive.. but sometimes I feel that my new manager is being a little harsh on me.

Again, he might behave the same with everyone and I am assuming that it's just me.

1.5 months in the new job and not a single good comment/feedback I recieved from him. It's not that he criticises me or my work, or calls me a dumbass.

But whenever I submit anything for review, I get a ton of feedback where he expects everything to extreme precision.

He guides me, explains me post my failure, and has specific pointers of what he wants/how he wants things.

But all I am given is a set of documents to read initially with an expectation that I have to figure things out. When I am not upto the mark, he then guides me.

Why I worry?

1. I am on probation and this place is a start-up, don't want to get fired.

2. They got me as a Sr PM (which was also my previous role where I excelled), so I fear that expectations would be high from me. Failing to deliver those might get me in trouble.

3. He isn't a micro manager and quite supportive, but his communication style isn't working for me (so far).

Somehow, as always, I am getting along well with everyone in the org and everyone is talking good about me.

But with my immediate boss, the imposter syndrome kicks in real hard and I am super insecure. Every time I have to interact with him, I get super stressed and anxious.

I know things take time, but given that I am a Sr PM (and my boss expects me to be a lead PM, a position higher than current), I feel if the expectations are not delivered then I might get fucked.

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    Maybe ask your coworkers if they also get good feedback, if not, well then you at least know that you are not the only one
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    @jonas-w an ex-employee who was a professional friend, told me that people learn from him, but that learning comes at a cost. That dude was my current boss' colleague back in days.

    Heard indirectly, that another team member said the same that our manager can be really hard at times.
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    Maybe casually ask him for a feedback, just to test the waters and see what he really thinks. Because you’re in your probation, it is OK to ask how things are going so far. If there’s any improvement you need to make, you would have time before probation ends. If you feel bad vibes and attitude, and appreciation is not there, you could choose to take your business elsewhere.
    Also this is a probation for the company as well, not just for you. It is a trial on both sides.
    Being in suspense, questioning if you are doing enough, and trying to guess what could happen when probation ends is very tough and stressful. I understand how you might be feeling. It’s not fair on you to carry on like that in my opinion.
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    @Ceren I don't need to ask him for feedback, he showers me, rather drowns me in feedback multiple times a day.
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    @Ceren my recent post summarises my experience.
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