I don’t know what’s the point of returning the office is we just all sit in the same room on Zoom

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    Talking to people in person I guess.
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    The point is to not learn anything
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    Design sessions with a whiteboard still beats most or all online solutions unless your going full VR
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    @Voxera I don’t think we’ve ever done that. Like we did it once to sorta be like “Haha look we are using a whiteboard” then we went back to just passing Lucid chart diagram links via Slack
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    @Burgundxyz I have used many kinds of tools during the pandemic but none was as good as a physical whiteboard for brainstorming.

    Sure there are some that cone closer like jamboard but I think I would need a drawing pad instead of a mouse as tool for that to come close for real.
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    @Voxera imo any digital tool you know how to use has the potential to be better than whiteboard. To me whiteboard is only better if that's what you're familiar with. I'm not.

    And I don't think VR will ever be the ultimate solution since it distracts too much.
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    @electrineer could be but my experience is that with digital tools its easier for people to stay quite and not really engage.

    And that seems to be for all ages, not just us oldies ;)

    But maybe we just have not found the right tool.

    As for VR I just think it might be but still no proof or anything :)

    I hope it will as it will motivate the companies to throw money on it meaning cheaper and better headsets in the end :P
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    to hear hallway gossip and shit on your boss
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    Currently having a similar thing. Things aren't bad at the office but South Africa's current petrol prices... The time I lose to commuting so I can still be online meetings because half the company is in another city...
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