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Not saying that my boss is wrong, but the way he gives feedback and teach me is just awful. Just today, a new colleague told me that one of the ex-team member quit because of our boss.

Anyway, the activity I was working on, I nailed it.

In morning connect, boss specifically told what he was looking for and made me do a live task and gave feedback. That made me realised what he was looking for.

I spent the day completing the activity. When I showed him, his jaw dropped.

He tried to pick on few things, but failed to do so.

He loved the output. Praised me and my persistence. Finally, the history repeated itself, and I learnt more about communication.

Possibly my weakest point out of all, where I was failing in interviews and had to fix that. Now, I got some pointers and will work on it to excel futher.

Yes, things were stressful, but I came out to be stronger.

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    Not saying situation is ideal, but learning to deal with difficult people is a great achievement on your part. You totally leveled up man!

    Now learn to anticipate his bullsh...err...preferences.

    You got this!
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    @Demolishun hahaha yes, learnt two things this season.
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    @lambda123 @Floydimus

    Entirely up to one self. I would see as a win always.

    You cannot change shitty humans, most are rotten without chance of getting better.

    But if you take these small wins as wins, at least there is sth. good about it.

    Don't let other people bully you into submission.
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    @lambda123 except for the boss, the place seems decent so far.

    Haven't interacted with the tech team yet.

    @IntrusionCM true.. cannot change the world, I can only change my perspective/attitude towards things.

    I need to see things more optimistically.
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