I tell myself I'm in second half of my life and there isn't much left till I'm free

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    piece of inspiration for you:

    My Dad has been working for IBM here in Germany since the day I was born (literally). Over the years, they did their IBM-bullshittery and made him a underpaid and overloaded project manager with a salary that definitely would not suit a person that works for such a company for over 20 years. First signs of burnout made me worry about him quite lot too.

    As I turned 21 and finished my Training at IBM (thats a german thing) we both decided to leave this place. At that point of time, he was 52 years old, and went to German Railroads IT Department. He now is an AWS Cloud Engineer working 38/h a week, full remote, earning 2.5x the salary he was payed at International Bullshit Management.

    Never settle with a job too long if it makes you unhappy!
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