One of our servers had a disk fail this week. Luckily it's 1 of 3 in a RAID5 array. And, luckily, it was our mostly-dev box and didn't have any production stuff on it, except for some support things. We scheduled a disk replacement with the hosting company, took everything down, waited. Somebody at the hosting company apparently didn't know we'd scheduled the replacement, saw the machine was down, and brought it up again. Sigh. Finally they did the replacement, got it back up, but now we're seeing an ethernet port flapping, suggested they have someone go in and make sure all the jacks are fully seated, maybe one got loose when they were doing the disk switch. Bureacracy reared up again and we got the boilerplate "if there's a hardware issue suspected please boot into rescue mode and run the tests"... sigh...

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    sometimes I wish this were the old days when we just hosted our own servers right in the office and we could walk 50 feet over and check the connections...
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    @steev why the switch to a hosting company?
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    We had a similar thing on e when we moved to a new office.

    We ordered an internet connection that would take two weeks to get.

    1 day after it was installed it died.

    When we finally got hold of them they told us that the job to disconnect the previous customer line happened to be done after our installation.

    But our installation had replaced the previous one so they disconnected our new one :/

    Took another week to get it reinstated.

    This was 20+ years ago and they had still paper copies for the jobs
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    @jonas-w i was really referring to my career and the industry as a whole, not a change within my current org. In general, hardly anyone hosts their own servers anymore, especially not on their own premises. Right?
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    @steev well i'm still at school but i had an internship in the "Deutsche Flugsicherung" and "Fraunhofer Institut" and both hosted their stuff on premise. My school hosts their stuff on premise too.
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    @jonas-w there are exceptions, and yeah, schools are different, but in general the industry has gone the way of clouds and shit (AWS and the like). we run our own servers but they're at 3rd-party data centers all over the world. My reference was to a company I worked for 26 years ago. lol.
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    and to be clear, i'm talking about enduser-facing servers. of course there's still fileservers and other internal stuff that companies have on premises. but in terms of like, your website, etc, nobody really hosts that stuff themselves. or do they? i dunno. Moxie Marlinspike talks about this here: https://moxie.org/2022/01/... "People don’t want to run their own servers, and never will" - I don't agree, a lot of geeks WANT to. but it is extra work/money/bother.
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    That's totally an average day for me too..

    ... in 2006.
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