Make an ASP .NET application for job interview take home assignment.

Try to use docker with it.

Runs fine through Visual studio (not code)

I declare is working and submit to organization but say it can run through docker-compose up.

I get reply that even the basic command doesn't work.

Turns out visual studio does some magic mapping or caching under the hood that I couldn't find in any config in the project and somehow gets it to work, but when running without Visual studio it doesn't have that magic context shit and thus running through terminal fails.

Obviously a lot is my fault for assuming what works through IDE would run through terminal without testing, but I will be angry with VS to make myself feel better >.>

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    Console log.

    As far as I know, every plugin / command should list it's shenanigans in the console log aka dev tools.
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    @IntrusionCM Yes it did, so what Visual studio was doing was building everything locally, then copying that over to the docker container (it had the obj folder) but what I still don't understand is how it mapped the folder names, like in docker compose file it was one name but in actual file explorer it was another, but in visual studio it was appearing as the name the docker file expected, I'm still confused tbh
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