work laptop without admin permissions to install anything, like a text editor, or IDE

why couldn't i have been born to a rich family instead of being a wageslave

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    I have better story, I had admin rights on my machine until few days ago, but I've revived email that due to "security reasons™", I'm gonna be stripped of them, the whole thing was accompanied with some kind of windows update that reseted my system config, which in case turned on Windows Hyper-V feature. Now since I'm doing 99% of my work on a virtual machine, I need this feature to be turned off just to even start a vm, and I can't change it by my self no more so I'm effectively not able to do my work now ..

    I'm not complaining tho
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    More like npw, notepad warrior
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    @catgirldev i dont
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    Damn, I’d stay very clear from companies like this
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