We truly love windows 10, what are your opinions on windows 10?

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    Without exaggerating I really think that I would just stand up and leave.
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    Interviewee's ask OS preferences? That's new
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    That would be a red flag for me to say thank you for your time. but I would give then my awnser as "While windows 10 is the newest and best windows at current timing, you can only dress up a turd so much"
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    @sam yeah, we so the same things when we hire, we use windows as our developing suite, so we need to be sure the interviewee is familiar and comfortable with the OS we use :)
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    @Nojil what's with all the "that's what WE use"? Why not let the devs pick what works for them?

    Or are you hiring .net/vba devs?
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    @bittersweet we provide work laptops so we try and make sure the interviewees will be able to work with the laptop we provide :)
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    @Nojil The hardware doesn't dictate the OS...

    I dislike OSX, and hate using Windows for development. We provide MacBooks and Zenbooks. I personally use a MacBook plus Debian, with Vim and the Jetbrains IDEs, but won't criticize team members for using OSX with Sublime or Windows with NetBeans, as long as their code doesn't suffer from their choice of OS or tooling.

    My tools work for me. I'm always open to suggestions and debates of course, but I would never work for an employee who forces an OS or IDE on their devs.
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    @bittersweet yeah that's obvious but we provide HP windows 10 laptops to our employees, no way to work around that and our employees MUST use HP laptops.
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    I'd walk out the door.
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