Seriously, at what point did the good, kind, selfless souls who write tutorials and guides online turn into fucking food bloggers?

I've been an engineer about 15 years, so I still have to google most of the code I write as I write it, and this week I've been learning a new framework.

Ten years ago it'd be "here's how to..." then the thing you want to do.

Now it's "For the longest time, I didn't want to use Gradle..." followed by a summary of the last week in their life.

I really don't care about your Journey with Rust, I want to know how to define an optional parameter. I don't give a rat's fucking dick how much faster this is than that, my hands are tied by whoever started this mess - just tell me how to make it work.

I guess there's something to be said for remembering things between sessions.

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    I just miss the days when I could read a blog post with a text tutorial instead of watching a YouTube video at 480p resolution narrated by a guy with a thick accent who talks like he's on his fourth cup of coffee.
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    yeah, everything is an opinion piece these days. I'm not sure why. I much enjoy as-objective-as-possible and information-dense content.

    Obviously it's their blogs and they can write whatever they want and I don't disagree that adding a bit of humor here and there can help get you through really long guides and keeps you open minded, but yeah, I really don't appreciate the paragraph long life stories that I need to filter out.
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    My personal pet peeve is a help guide that serves as an ad for some shitty software
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    Don't worry, I will make a search engine that works like it's written by those food bloggers.

    I will pay for them to disable "all other scrapers except ours" and pay per visit, so everyone will use mine instead of google or "private" duck.
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