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    Ok, wow. 😂
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    Administrator account has been disabled by default for ages. No surprise there.

    (was it by default disabled in 7 or 8? Leaning to 8, but I did desktop support so long ago).

    Best get yourself a windows disk buddy, or a handy Linux live image for that utilman.exe
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    See my network administrator? Bitch, I am the network administrator.
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    Lol, this is obviously a security thing. Stop acting like it's Windows fault for not easily giving you god mode access to the computer.
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    @drRoss Well, if its your own computer, isn't it logical to want/have god mode access? (Regardless of OS)
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    @linuxxx No! Running as local admin gives privileged access to anything you download or run as that user. You should always elevate to administrator.
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    @drRoss Hmm let me rephrase. I think that you at least should have the option of god mode (aka root) access on the devices you own. But as default login it is not the best option indeed.
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    @linuxxx @linuxxx @drRoss @ragnarr023 One of my friend bring this to me and told he was trying create an administrator account to install sth
    He remove his only account from being admin and restart system, this happened. I think its a bug. You should not be able to do that when you are the only admin account.
    I just restore his system to older restore point without any administration privileges!!!! Its another sec bug.
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    @sadransh Cute mentioning me twice 😊
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    @linuxxx lool not reading names only comments and replying
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    @sadransh while at IT in the army I used the sticky buttons short (shiftx5) to get an admin cmd to a win 7 or XP machine (I forget).

    Stupid user had forgotten her password...
    Could have told her I had to format it all ofcourse but... She was hot and I had a live Linux distro handy...

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    @sadransh it's honestly been like for years.

    Why would you remove your own account as an administrator?

    Next time, one should make sure to check the localgroups before altering users. I messed up big time years ago with this, so I learnt then.

    But anyways, the first thing I do when I reinstall is:
    Net user administrator /active:yes

    Well, the best way to learn the solution is to break and repair.
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