I think JavaScript is an addictive language... That is the reason it is most used language. It's like humanity never liked strict things at all 😋... What do ya think?

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    It's the most abhorrent language I ever used.
    I prefer strictness to a shitty type system where you don't know if a function will return an integer, NaN, undefined or false depending on the moon phase and weather, and the whole shit crashes because you guessed wrong.
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    Yes indeed.
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    Have fun hunting down that one spot in 1000 lines of code where you misassumed some check or typing because of it's non strictness.

    Strict is only as strict as you are defining your variables. Oh this is better as a string? Then make it a string you dick. Nobody is stopping you, there is no government entity preventing you from switching the type or adding another variable.
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    Yeah... That was quite straight btw @Bacontaskmaster
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    Hey we got typescript for that... the guess game doesn't work in that case...@deadlyRants
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