You get promoted to Tech Lead.
You get 2 members in your team.
Production Go Live season.
Both members unavailable due to "urgent" tasks on every weekend.
"Hello! Yes sir? Noone's available? I need to connect?"

My toxic self, that never shows itself : "Screw this shit, y m I still here"

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    just resign already
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    Ya shall not work on the no-work weekends.
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    @Oktokolo amen!
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    @panikdkernel tips please, senpai.
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    Unless they're expected to be on call 24/7, let them have their weekends.

    And if they are expected to be on call 24/7 - maybe rethink those expectations.
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    Normally you don't need reasons to be not available on weekends. On the contrary you need extra pay to be available on weekends. Both is true for you by the way as well as for them.
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