Vim + Monokai + Transperent Terminal.
(Damn, I should do this early)

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    Have you tried the solarized colorscheme?
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    @BSOD I haven't try yet. I'm not a fan of bright bg colorscheme but since my bg is transperent now -> I may try some new colorscheme to see some syntax highlight colorscheme. (Im fine with monokai but if I find some nice colorscheme that make syntax highlight color standout in transperent background
    -> good bye my old friend, monokai xD)
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    I've been vim user for years but recently switched to vsc
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    Godot Engine!!!!
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    I like this setup, except I would need a complete dark background as I find the text hard to read over the light areas.
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    @CSaratakij, you can always change the background to dark :) Looks swell on matte displays. But definitely nowhere near as the awesome contrast in monokai!
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    @BSOD Yep, solid dark its the best. I just bored everytime I open vim and see solid background.
    I waste my gpu to make compositing (X11 + compton) so I taught -> why not make vim bg transperent with monokai colorscheme just to see what happen. Turn out, I love it. (Harder to read code sometime but hey, It look more pleasing ;)
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