Usually websites:
- wrong password -> Password field cleared and focused again

Apple websites:
- wrong password -> Password field cleared and email field focused again and password field hidden because fuck you!

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    Govt. websites:

    - wrong password -> password field cleared and focused again, email forgotten but field not cleared such that if you don't switch back and trigger some input events on the email address you will receive a server-side validation error for missing field.
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    @lbfalvy wow that's new level :S
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    Also Apple Websites: "Save Login? YES"

    *reloads website*

    Whoops i forgot your email and your password you need to login again
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    It's simple - you stop visiting sites like that.
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    So many websites have the "enter username before we show the password field" design and I HATE it so much. Half the time it even breaks password manager auto fill too so I have to copy and paste my long random nonsense password instead.
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    @jonas-w This! ALSO THIS! I am not sure why this the way it is
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    @kamen I wish I could but I need to access the developer portal and I don't like saving personal passwords on work computer
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    @EmberQuill lol wtf why is this :S
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    @gitpush Some password managers could be accessed online without leaving anything on the computer you're using (besides the clipboard if that's a concern).
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    @kamen thanks for the tip but I'm concerned about security there I know they take it seriously but I'm not sure.
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