Rant! I'm​ the only developer working in the company and everybody always comes​ to me and say, oh you are the IT guy can you fix my iPad?

F**$ no I can't... Stupid iPads..

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    At my company me and my colleages(IT department) have an rule:
    We wont fix apple. For everything else 1 cake per fix.
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    Sadly, I used to be the IT guy at my company before I went into dev. They all know i can do it, and they badger me.

    But yes. "I see this iPad is malfunctioning. Ah it's such a shame that such a device that is in your possession should do this. Might I suggest you embark on a quest, one that takes you away from me, and to someone somewhere that actually gives two shits. (I then triumphantly stand up, and zoidberg out of the situation). "
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