I just told my director that the solution for a particular problem that we have involves Machine Learning. For which I had already applied a VERY small app to make sense of an old database to make a NEW one since the old one broke every notion of how a db is supposed to be set (meaning that I recreated the project from scratch)

And on the same message I told him that I was not willing to do it using M.L since I was not paid enough to bring this level of heat to the institution.

Normalize telling mfkers that your skills are worth more.

I am paid well, but not enough to out of the blue tell mfkers that my ml based algo can save them./

Fuck em, fuck em hard, fuck em good, fuck em without even using spit.

I don't do this shit because I am paSSiOnate, since there lies the trap: "I mean, I love it so I guess I can do it, I do this on my free time either way" <---- no bitch, shit is expensive on the real world, don't do that wtf is the matter with you? *slaps* companies don't see it as a: "oh shit, employee X can do this! value!" they see it as "greaaaaat, I can save money on this", so fuck em.

Normalize it, y'all are wizards, advisors of kings, no company today survives without I.T. About motherfucking time y'all bitches take this shit by the horns and do with it what you want.

People form third world countries that need work: shit don't apply to you, currently, but we will make it apply to you on the rising, my kings, stay strong.

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    btw @stuxnet fight me
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    Dead ass tho. You give these assholes an inch and they’ll take a mile.
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    @Stuxnet legit, its getting sickening
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    @AleCx04 hm. Reminds me of this discussion...

    X: "We need to know why this takes so long".

    Me: "Sure, there's a ticket in the graveyard regarding monitoring and tracing - without it, no one will knew where the query went and how long it took. So would be time to finally implement it..."

    X: "But the estimate is over a month for implementation..."

    Yeah. Because that slutty app is a black hole... Content generation, calculation / aggregation of statistics, enrichment, caching...

    They would need tracing to view what happens in each stage in each service to understand what's going on... Currently there is like zero tracing :)

    I will not stick my hands in this shit... Absolutely not.
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