Damn, I hate Spring and most CoC frameworks. We’re using it from 2 years, I read most of the docs and it still gives issue for basic taks which takes hours to fix because I have to guess the exact convention which allows the program to process corner cases which aren’t explained in the docs. Yes, in the end the code is more elegant but it’s worth it when issues which could be solved in minutes by a trivial if/else statement takes hours (rigorously on pair programming™️ since being one of the few which actually read the docs I end up with lots of calls for help for Spring related issues by other teammates) and huge headaches to fix following the framework’s way?

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    Spring definitely has its flaws, but if you're struggling to do basic tasks with it after using it for 2 years you're doing something wrong...
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    @AlmondSauce how I written above the issue isn't in doing the "standard" things you see in the docs but having it playing nicely with the many corner cases which naturally arise in writing a program such as having Hybernte validators working with more complex validations than "integer is in this range" or having a single service managing multiple subtypes without crazy inheritance charades.
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