Management has been promising we'd leave .NET framework for 2 years now. Never fucking happens. A new ASP.NET project was just started last week and yup, OF COURSE, its .NET Framework 4.8.

I'd even be happy with one of the earlier .NET Core versions at this point for fucks sake. I have no clue why tech leads are so happy to create a brand new project on a deprecated framework version.

And yes, I have checked thoroughly. Our whole infrastructure works with .NET Core onward. People are just too lazy to learn new stuff.

Stuff like switching to .NET 6, actually doing unit testing, improving our CI/CD pipeline, refactoring problematic codebases, etc. -> all this stuff is the kind of things they promise me I can work on later whenever I'm so bogged down with work that I'm looking for a light at the end of the tunnel. All empty promises.

Ideally we should be on .NET 6 since its LTS and just stay on the LTS versions as the year goes on.

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    Agree. It should be illegal to start a new project with old tech.
    Punishment would be a thousand slaps.
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    Intruduce a breaking change.
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    We still have devs that complain about 'breaking changes' or the project is too complex for core

    I've updated dozens of projects/libraries by simply changing the csproj file to the SDK format with zero other changes. Zero.

    Last week I was ready to take a can of tuna and dump it over another dev's keyboard.

    -sent a code review

    Me: "Since you're already making changes, this is a good opportunity to update the project to .net core."

    -about an hour later

    Dev: "I checked with the stakeholders, they don't know anything about core and said such an upgrade could negatively affect their processes. Sorry."

    Stakeholders? You asked *accountants*. Are you freaking kidding me! I reach into my desk to grab a can of 'Charlie', but I decided to make a branch, update, verify all the tests pass. Maybe less than 30 minutes of work.

    I send him my results (making sure to cc his and my mgr). Never got a response (I wonder why?), but the code is now .net core 6.
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    @Lensflare apply the rule not only on legacy tech, but badly researched new tech.

    MVP PoC need to be build as Demo App with Software and if failed to handle basic load, usage denied.

    Solves the problem long term.
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    @PaperTrail why not run the code through CI on push.

    TDD by default, and reforced by CI.
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    @max19931 > "TDD by default, and reforced by CI"

    Exactly. I only had to upgrade the tests and no other code changed. The CI built and all tests passed.
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    You are on the right track! Keep at it! If management don’t listen, change jobs. It will be their loss! ♥️
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    There are plenty of companies with managers out there that would support your propositions. One would hope.

    As a former dev, lead dev now in management role, I for one would welcome the suggestion. In fact , I just did . We have started a new project and it’s using the new .NET core and all sorts of fun frills. I suppose that asking a little bit more as to why hasn’t resulted in any reasonable answers other than what you mentioned already ?
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