What was your process to learn to code?
I started out modding Pokemon games for the good old Gameboy Advance around the age of 11. With basic scripts like; walk 3 steps left etc.

After that starten to use Unity 3D (with C#), just copy everything from Google. After a while I could edit some scripts and stuff (painful process...).

I started to do a study Software Engineering, didn't learn that much, just got some errands and little projects from people (the usual, 'oh you can code, I need bla bla) learned pretty much most of my skills there (JavaScript, python, PHP). In the meantime creating games (C#, C++).

Did an internship in game dev. got a job now. Only a bit more that a year from now I have my degree (if everything is going to plan).
That is more or less my process of learning to program.

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