I was at university, and I didn't really feel like I was understanding C++ or C#, I'd gotten to my final year through two repeated years, skipping the work experience​, practicing as often as I could (even if it wasn't making sense).

In my final year after needing to install windows for the sixth time in a month (sometimes my machine, sometimes friends machines) I got sick of having to install the same utilities over and over again.

So I decided to write a tool to download and install them, also keeping them up to date, I did it in python, teaching myself as I went and it became my final year project! I should have scored 85% but I was marked down for going over the word count.

Apparently I work better on my own and when I've got a problem I need to solve!

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    I know you did it to practice programming but If you need a package manager for windows now there is chocolaty and some other apps just search.
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    @abdallahesam Don't be so presumptive, I developed the project in 2008/2009 and chocolatey didn't come out until 2011.
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