Didn't know how to program but enrolled in a master's degree that needed that. So I attended the programming courses of the bachelor's degree that gave me just enough knowledge and just in time to save my ass writing a Hadoop MapReduce program! And I actually did well. All Java though.

These days I am banging my head against the wall learning Rust.

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    Yeah, I didn't know how to do *this* but I enrolled in something that required it anyways because I'm a #FuckingLegend. I fight cobras while drinking my morning tea, and I put cyanide in my afternoon coffee.


    Someone said there are little green dudes on mars. I'm going to master the whole 'astronaut' thing over the weekend. #AwesomeSauce I'd ask you guys to wish me luck, but I don't need it! See you guys on our sister in the Goldielox Zone. Laterz!
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