When the stupidest people on the planet move in next to you and burn nearly everything you own to the ground...and don't even have the courtesy to wake you up before getting out of the building themselves.

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    In case anyone was wondering the apartment on fire was where I lived until this Friday at about 1:30 am. Basically I really could use a squishy ball for those times that I wish I could fling the numb nuts that used to live next door to us from the charred remains of their former dwelling.
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    Seriously their door was 10 ft from ours and they had time to run downstairs to get a fire extinguisher and upstairs to fail at putting out the fire but couldn't find the motivation to alert everyone else in the building. The kicker is that we had shipping containers getting delivered later that morning so we could pack/move our stuff over the weekend. And to top it all off, the mind dead fuck face that set the building on fire went on the news crying about how concerned she was and then say in her boy friends truck in the parking lot smoking another fucking cigarette.
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    Did you commit and push?
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    FUCK!!!! I knew I forgot something else.
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    @jirehstudios thanks man. Definitely could use more humor these days.
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    Wow, that's awful. Glad you're ok. If you want that squishy ball just email me (david@devrant.io) and I'm happy to send it!

    @jirehstudios - I lol'ed big time. Mainly because it was posted so many times and then this...
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    This isn't Amherst, MA is it? My friends' apartment just burned down today so this might just be a sad coincidence.
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    @dfox thank you for that kind gesture.
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    Robbinsdale, MN it wouldn't have been as bad for us if it was in MA since I would have family relatively close by (Go Sox if you're from the area as well), but neither my wife nor I am from MN.
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