I prefer three spaces-wide indentation in my code. This is unconventional to say the least, as many people prefer four or two spaces width.

This is why I use tabs — every developer that works in my company can do two clicks in their IDE to set the indentation they like, and I realize I must not force it my way with three spaces. Indeed, one of my colleagues prefer four spaces, and it took them less than a minute to set this up and not to worry about it ever again. To me, this sounds like a good alternative over arguing and finding a compromise that "everyone in the team are okay with".

This way, every developer who comes to my company at any time ever wouldn't have to get used to the indentation width standard that is different from what they're already comfortable with.

I want to live in the world where "convert indent" button in IDEs that replaces spaces with another spaces is dusty and abandoned. I met those who use four spaces, the most popular standard, who also thought everybody who disagrees with "The Standard" should change their ways. This makes me sad.

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