> be me
> want to write troll "viruses" to fck arround with frieds
> write batch files
> shit everyone can see what I do
> google 'how to make exe'
> install VS
> google 'make exe with vb.net'
> spend 3hr/s copying the Internet
> send friend exe
> blocked by antivirus
> write other bullshit
> actually learn stuff
> shit I'm kinda good at this
> keep going
> 4 years later
> be system administrator / devop / web dev / app dev / desktop dev
> get paid
> inb4 wants to troll friend - finds dream job instead

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    4chan format gains automatic ++
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    @samwir I love the way green text is written, although I'm not that good in it :D
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    It's kinda the same story for me, except that I wanted to create a custom minecraft launcher (in VB.NET, ugh) instead of trolling a friend.

    Started with copy-paste and now I found my dream job :P
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    @1n9i9c7om that was actually an other project I did for my group later on. Custom launcher that pulled and installed mods from my server, so we all had the same installed and nobody had to search and install manually, which half of them didn't even understand :D
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    @Kimmax Yup, I also had a server running and wanted all mods to be downloaded automatically. Good times. :P
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    I'm doing this at the moment. Instead of doing computer science at uni when I was 18, I've doubled down on my hobbies for cyber security and programming and now doing a master's in my late 20s in computer science. Still devote a lot of time to messing around with Kali and metasploit.
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    @codingsKILLS that's how it's done in IT
    Also: Welcome to the fam
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