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    Oh boy this is me. I can remember the 32 character ssh key password on a server I log in like once a month but had to cancel all my credit cards, get new ID cards and shit because I'd forgotten where I put my wallet .... Which I have found right after cancelling everything ... And I am constantly searching my mobile phone 😂😂😂
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    ++ I love Oatmeal :)
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    @yzhea me too. so hilarious <3
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    @coffeeneia and his comics are so original :D
    have you played exploding kittens? :P
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    @yzhea have not played it yet :) just read its comics only :)
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    @coffeeneia you should try it :D it's fun! uhmm well for me anyway.
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    gonna give it a try @yzhea ^_^
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    Hahahahah this is PERFECT :D
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