Boss wants Kotlin for all projects.
Reason : he like its. (Basically hyped by other developers or meetings)

I hate Java and itz other shitz

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    kotlin is hyped for correct reasons. if it's a native android project and your boss is technically sane, then he is making a correct point .
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    wait, do you hate java or kotlin? 😳 or both?
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    @dotenvironment i suggested its good for android development. (I just read online and no experienced)

    Also wanted the server apps on Kotlin toooooo.
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    @mojo2012 definately Java

    I havent worked on Kotlin, so i cant say anything about it
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    Kotlin is awesome and is not going away any time soon.
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    Kotlin isn't bad, but what it "compiles" to is not the yellow from the egg
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    I think Kotlin won't die that easily, even if they can't use JVM anymore. It's multiplatform and it can compile to native code. JVM is just one backend of it.
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    @WildOrangutan wait kotlin can compile to something else than java? Gonna take a look at it again used it ages ago but only for java
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    Yeah, they really want to make multiplatform happen. Would be nice to design UI with Jetpack Compose for all platforms. As far as I know it's already possible, not sure to what extent tough.
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    @moalamri i rofled directly at the file extension "kexe"
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    Java sucks !
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    Fuck it. Not gonna do it.
    I cant process my brain over it.
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