probably when 8 hours before rushed release i pushed my part of the codebase into the wrong branch which fucked up everyone else's rushed release of different parts of that codebase and now a colleague had to spend several hours unfucking the repo on top of finishing the rushed release of his part of the codebase.

oh and in the end my code didn't even work as it was supposed to.

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    Force Rebase and Skip Commit right? Right?
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    Did you use pull request?

    If so, add checking target branch to the list of things to look for.

    On the other hand it also depends on what git schema you use.

    We always push to feature branches and merge to develop or possibly for fixes to the release brach (which is then merged back to develop)

    That way releases should never accidentally get any pushes not deemed ready for release.

    Then again, mistakes will happen, unless they are repeated of to often its just part of the work, learn from them and think if there is some way to lessen the risk and then move on.
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    @KDSBest i have no idea because i'm not too good with git, i just know it wasn't that simple for reasons i was slightly aware back then and they made sense.
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    @Voxera no, no pull requests, i just merged the branch into mine and then pushed onto it.
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    @Voxera yeah we had feature branches, and develop, and prod, and instead of pushing my feature branch, i merged develop into my feature branch and pushed that, i don't remember why anymore, either it was an honest mistake, or it was a dumb mistake of thinking i'm saving the dude some time, or i don't know
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