University Final Viva for OOP with C++
(Yeah, that first line is a rant in itself for the likes of me and Mr. Torvalds)
Assistant Professor:
Tell me a few "functions" in C++ STL algorithm header
*starts off with the first one that came to my mind*
AP: Huh? a I'm asking the Algorithms in C++ STL
Me: Yes, this is one of them Ma'am.
She looked at me as if I told her that I'm dating her daughter. It became clear she doesn't know about it and she'll gladly deduct my marks for getting it wrong. So I explained how Sort() is a hybrid of quicksort, heap sort and insertion sort. (Read about it an hour ago while doing a competitive programming question)
AP: Tell me the ones we did in class.
I haven't attended those classes, so I just told her the ones I knew.

After a couple more infuriating questions, which themselves sounded right from a book published in the 90's, she gave me 10/15.

This is what's wrong with India's Education system, even the teachers know only the stuff mentioned in the course hand-outs. Forget brownie points, you get screwed over by the teachers for actually knowing stuff and using it.

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    I feel your pain mate....Been there and still there for a few more years, unfortunately ;_;
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    Welcome to devRant btw 😁
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    @justasithlord Thanks! I too have 2 more years to go in my "amazing" university! 😅
    I hope the teachers are better next year..
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    @Cybersapien trust me, that's not gonna be the case. I'll just suggest you to keep learning on your own, anyways they're gonna "teach" things which literally can be done within a week or so
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    @justasithlord Agreed, we're doing C++ this semester(which started around 10th Jan), I had no experience with the language beforehand and I fixed (read: re-created) a master student's dissertation project in 7 days in the last week of Jan.
    Worst of all, that master's student was the TA for our Programming in C class.
    In the last one year, I learnt about Android, Java, Competitive Programming, Algos/DS, ML in Python, some basic Front end. Almost all of it myself!
    I have a feeling that is is gonna be a pattern for the coming years too.
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    @Cybersapien that's awesome; I'm doing the same, learning stuff on my own. You should try selecting your domain and then just build yourself into it by learning and practicing the languages or technologies required to learn
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    Wait wait wait -
    They covered STL algorithms without discussing sort()???
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    @mhudson Unfortunately, yep.
    Here's the "STL" we covered:
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