"So what got you in to development and programming?"

Me: well. I needed something to new to help with my depression, stress and anger.

"Oh cool. Did it help?"

Me: yes... They're so much stronger now.

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    82++ and 0 🗨️ 🤔

    You portrayed the hidden bitter truth of a dev's life, I think. 🤔
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    @CurseMeSlowly what’s the dev equivalent of an Oscar?
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    @al-m The dev-oscar is bug-free code on the first try. But it's given by the Universal Admin (or God/Allah/JHVH/Flying Spaghetti Monster/etc, as others call it...)...
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    @tomiolah1998 ah. I subscribe to Allah myself but still never got such 😭

    Well... Unless you count like 6 lines of code then I'm a freaking EGOT
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