My dad saw an HP computer with wireless printer on HSN (Home Shopping Network). I was on the point of ordering it. I looked at their privacy notice wh. pretty much says we're going to know wh. porn you watch, with whom and when. Then we're going to sell the info. to everybody who might use it against you. Fuck that. Then I googled reviews of this outfit. Then it finally hit me: you don't order computers from home shopping networks. I'm glad it occurred to me before taking the plunge. They pull this shite telling you how much cheaper they're selling it for as opposed to retail, wh. is a complete lie because they jack up the retail price to make their selling price look cheap.

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    ah, the old trick of selling junk that's worth scrap for "just 19.99$ instead of 199$" and hurry because there's limited stock and it's selling fast. I've had a family member addicted to that and oh boy I've rather not had Christmas gifts than that junk.
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    What is wh?
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    @neriald she who shall not be named, living in the woods. The hag, the sorceres .... The Which!
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