CTO: Research, problem analysis, customer need validations, and data based prioritisation is stupid.

Me: So, then why should we solve this problem?

CTO: Because my team invests a lot of time in here (read "because we build a shitty system in past without thinking and we are doing it again").

Me: I don't see this as a good idea.

CTO: I become emotional when I request product to align and they don't. We must solve this problem and not what customers want.

Me: I am not participating here.

CTO: And I want you to work on weekends to support my team.

Me: *disconnects*

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    Yup. Success is just around the corner.
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    FFS why people think it’s OK asking someone to work on weekends. If someone has to working weekends the one and only reason for it is a bad planning and management nothing else.
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    @magicMirror Almost there.

    @PappyHans inflation, responsibilities, debt, crippling existential crisis due to consumerism and capitalism.
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