I have decided to learn how to fix the printer. Because it seems like it is the number one skill in demand..

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    I decided to tell everyone I'm too lazy to fix their printers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    That's definitely one way to look at it!!!
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    On second thought why not just say you'll fix it in 20 minutes. Do nothing and when they come back say it's fixed?
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    There's no joy in fixing printer issues.
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    Right up there with "Where did I save my file?"
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    My first experience with fixing the printer was 2 weeks ago .I have ubuntu and it worked fine for me but for everyone else in the office with their stupid mac OSX it didn't .And i never had a mac .
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    You might as well learn how to turn lead into gold. You can't learn how to do the impossible.
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    Many years ago I worked as developer at a company producing printers. One day we were at a conference. We were about to check out when the hotel receptionist asked "my printer is not working can anyone help me?"

    5 person answered "it's your lucky day baby!" :-)
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    Printers can be fixed?
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    Fixing a printer is the holy grail of computer science.
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    @gabrielvisconti definitely not Epson "printers"
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    1. Coffee machine
    2. Printer
    3. Dialysis machine

    All the things that needs to be working all day everyday to survive (work), in that order.
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    I wanna upvote but 256 is such a good number ;-;
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