Making an ssh connection:


No this one.

Not that one.

Not that one, either.

*starts typing*

*Typo 1*

*Typo 2*

Yay. Connected to server.

... Okay. Wrong environment.


*trying again*

*Typo 1*

*Typo 2*

*finally connected*

Okay. I'm here...

Why did I connect to this machine again?!


Migrations are fun. Your bash history is an obsessive lier, your brain completely fried and when you finally managed to achieve something... You either forget what it was - or even worse - you get reminded of all the stuff you still have to do.

I'm literally amazed that I currently manage to go to the toilet, don't forget to make coffee and eat stuff at least once a day.

Before anyone thinks... Haha joke.

Nope I'm dead serious.

I am amazed that I didn't forget to go to the toilet, aka sitting in my own piss and wonder why it's so warm and wet down there.

I'm glad that the migration is going to end soon, otherwise I might opt in out of paranoia for adult diapers.

*My brain is really fried*

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    Migration is temporary, migrane is forever.
    For realsies, I wish you less headaches, bro.
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    I used to do a lot of these in my sysadmin journey.

    To make my life easier, I prefix the PS1 environment with "NEW_" or "OLD_" to let me know where I am. I had the misfortune of stopping services on a production machine that was running our email server. Ah, fun times.
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    ^^ what he said.

    And it really helps to associate hostnames/IPs to aliases in your laptop/jumpbox (one you're connecting from). Do it any way you like, but it helps to have autocomplete:

    - /etc/hosts

    - shell functions/aliases (e.g. ssh_migr_db1 or ssh_prod_api or similar)

    - a script with all the IPs hardcoded and mapped in sensible way (e.g. ssh2 prod db1 ls -l /tmp/)

    I find the first two to be the easiest and most useful
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    @netikras @fruitfcker

    I have an SSH auto complete, yes.

    The trouble is that we're migrating and splitting whole networks, renaming DNS etc.

    We're currently roughly at the 8th /24 network that will be migrated....

    The full IP range isn't used per network, but my estimate - without counting - is that we've at least migrated 400 IPs plus DNS A, new CNames etc. plus then killing old CNAMES etc.

    So the trouble for my brain is that everything sounds familiar cause I've heard it a thousand times before - either by using it, by talking about it during the meetings and the endless preparation documentation or by working on it.

    As such my autocomplete is very ... Unreliable. Was thinking about nuking the SSH folder after backing up the keys and resetting bash completion already.

    Maybe I'll script it.

    Anyway - thanks :)
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    Thuis is the part where config mgmt comes and i let it all be handled by bolt. Assuming you have properly added a key for a mgmt account with proper sudo rights, this is easy peasy.

    Also Ctrl+R. Saves me lots of up-arrow pushes
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