Told the CEO I was looking at other jobs. I could see in realtime how all joy in his soul sipped out of him, followed by a 30 minute rant why I should stay and blah blah blah(heard it all before).

Little did he know, I'm expecting three final "yes"es by Friday, and I got a call 5 minutes before I talked to him saying "Hi, we have a contract ready for you to sign if you want it" 😂 Pretty proud of myself for getting a new job on a big firm, in under two weeks 😎

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    @g-m-f Thanks :D
    Gonna hold on for a couple of days though. It's a great job... But one of the companies I'm waiting for seems fucking amazing hehe
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    nice! good luck!
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    The company you're at seems like they'd hire you back if you leave gracefully! Do it right, and you'll have a ton of job security!
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    @densedever Oh absolutely they would. I'm their first in house developer and are very appreciated at least by the CEO. There won't be any harsh feelings if I leave(which I probably will) 😊
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    Congratulations :)
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    Nice, congratulations!
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    ✌️🤞🖖🤘🤙👌👍✊👊💪👏 ... What else could I say? Oh yes: well done bro, party hard!
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    Congratulations to you 👌
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    CEO today: I'll raise your salary with 650 bucks!! 😂
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