"IT BROKEN!", the QA tester spoke in unintelligible broken English.

The developer asked for more details.

Then the QA person attempted to explain the problem in a surge of verbal diarrhea and horrible English.

Why do we hire people who don't speak the language of the development team as our QA people? I have nothing against devs and qa guys from India...but it makes my job really difficult when I can't even begin to understand what you are telling me, or even worse...you just tell me "IT BROKEN!" and don't give me a single bit of useful information on how to reproduce the error.

There was this wonderful QA person I used to work with. Her name was Ranjana. She was a beautiful Indian girl with two children, and the best QA person I ever worked with. She took screenshots, grabbed logs, and gave steps to reproduce everything she found. And then one day at stand up we were told she had died. And since then...there has been no one who has ever come close to her level of excellence.

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    Good QA is hard to find.
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    Well that escalated quickly. Rest in peace Ranjana, your work will be missed.
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    Aww :c
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    The 2nd paragraph sounds like a major plot twist to me...
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    @lwhken I guess it did come out of left field there.
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    English is just a language bruv.
    Its not intelligence.
    So chill.

    Appreciate that they are learning a second language, that most people will never dare to do :)
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    @mooboy I never claimed speaking English implies intelligence. English is a god awful language honestly.

    My point was just that:

    A) Hiring team members for a mostly English team who barely speak English makes it harder for us to explain what we need done.
    B) My other problem was that when we get bug reports, we rarely get useful information back. Like they don’t do any troubleshooting or tell us where it failed. Just that “it’s broken”. Sometimes it isn’t even our code that is broken. This has nothing to do with language. It has everything to do with the contracting company hiring people who don’t know what they are doing.
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