After a decade of working in the web development industry, I have given up all hope, it's the same fucking stupid ideas, the same retarded problems in every damned company . Monkeys discovering and reinventing the same fucking wheel over and over and over again. From a 5 man company to the unicorn scaleup (and everything between) I have had to implement access control systems, and various REST API's following the design made by mongrels who do it the first time . I have become to hate the work I once was so passionate about. Just fuck this shit , if anybody had told me when I was in my early 20's that this is what I end up doing I'd go and learn to be a carpenter instead.

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    Take lead positions and be responsible for those problems xD
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    You can still become a carpenter
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    Take a deep breath, and automate.
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    The worst part is that if you even ask someone about how to handle a situation like this, they almost assume that the person/s who made these decisions actually know what they’re doing. “They must have a reason for it”…
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    I can only agree...

    I'm working in the same startuo for the past 8 years.

    I think now it's about 10th time we reinvent CRUD....

    Specially when there are 18 sales personnes and 3 dev. And when I say "3 dev is not enough now", the answer is "Yeah 3 is plenty just do more things".
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    yeah, but btw it's not just in webdev. i thought it's just in webdev, but i realized i was wrong when i transitioned out of it.

    it's in general - every client wants a variation on the same thing, and the better case is when they at least don't think that it's something unique and groundbreaking.

    every platform has the same kinds of issues and stupidities, every lib has the same kinds of issues and stupidities, every project and app and code is the same type of fight, mostly.

    and yeah, it just gets tiring and annoying.
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    I think this thread gives the best perspective to new people in the industry (like myself) who are wondering how can people get bored of this when they do it out of passion

    It's easy, doing the same thing again and again with (at most) slight differences will ruin everything for anyone, given enough time

    It's sad that such an (usually) ground breaking field (or collection of fields) gets stuck in the mud because our own faults
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    But the money. It's about the moneyyy.

    Just pop some antidepressants and get a side project or two going.
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    Same here
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    @Frederick what new parts have you discovered or found interesting?
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