Rejected in an interview broken and shattered...:(

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    It's better than waiting because they forget to just send an email, right? I'm just saying...
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    Rise up from the fallen and get ready to go to the battleground again
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    Yeah sam
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    🤔 what why
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    Common dude catch the error and try again ... Isn't that what we are supposed to do ... #tryagainafterfailur
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    Keep going bro, hope you learned lot from this experience.
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    @lazysnail yes indeed.
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    A rejection (non-selection) isn't a failure. It just means that you didn't have what they were looking for at that moment, or for that specific situation. You just thank them for their valuable time, and move on to the next.
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    What was the interview like? Did you really want work for that company?
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    hey, you are trying to get a job in one of the best payd, most awesome industry out there right now, with friendly communities (like devRant) and you can google your way out of most of the situations

    what i wanna say: youre still in a better situation than most of people on the whole frickin earth :)

    or is it just me? seriously, after every stressful situation at work i just think of this and im smiling again
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    @cleancode the interview was for the salesforce developer.
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    @sam9669 Your sunglasses suit your comment 😆
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