Do any of you find that you can type the solution faster than GitHub Copilot recommends?

That's how you know you're senior 😏

Also, on a serious note, does it only support JavaScript / TypeScript? Didn't really take time to investigate.

I thought there was also a feature you could tell it what to code and it would try to write a solution. Haven't really seen how to do that yet.

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    It works with Go, php, sorta works with Java.

    You can write a comment, and it'll write the code for you, but that's hit and miss to how good or utterly bad it does that.

    You still need to know what you're trying to do, and correct it along the way.

    So... save a few lines but end up rewriting most of what it suggests anyway 🤷‍♂️
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    @C0D4 Excellent! Go was actually my first concern in terms of other languages.

    I'm also thinking it scans your current code base, some of the stuff I've seen it suggest in our React Native project are patterns elucidated from code we already have... but that may be a result of us anyway copying super clean React / Redux / TypeScript patterns anyway 😉
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    @fullstackclown it does, it used your code base and - gods know who else's code base to suggest things, the bigger the code base the better it gets at styling and variable name conventions but yea, don't confuse "better" with great 😏
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    We're going to Idiocracy...

    Sorry, but the more I read about stuff like Copilot, the more I want to end my current job.

    Devs were already incompetent before, to dumb them even more down is like homeopathy - far too diluted to do anything except costing money.
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    @IntrusionCM I have the same fear... for people with lots of experience it's fine, kind of like a buddy next to you and you'll be like "oh, didn't think of doing it that way"

    But for beginners and juniors? They're going to start thinking this is "the normal way to code"! God only knows what garbage that could lead to.

    As I said in an earlier post, we're barreling straight for an Asimovian catastrophe - a total breakdown of our technical systems because nobody remembers the actual tech anymore.
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    Your intro sounded way too clickbait.
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    Well, it seems to work with Go, Python and JS/TS at the very least. I used it for a bit and really didn't find it all that beneficial.

    And I do think it's going to lead to a lot of people not understanding what their code is doing clearly, particularly juniors.

    Overall, I think if you're good and careful, then sure, maybe it could be kind of useful to just have to type out less. But other than that, I see it as something that's going to cause more problems than it's going to solve, but that's just my perspective.
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