What do you have to say about github putting a price of $10/month of Copilot?

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    They made a product and they are offering it for whoever wants to pay. Idk. Seems like regular everyday shenanigans.
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    Awful lot for something that's fundamentally incompatible with the property of Github that authors retain ownership of their IP and are free to assign any license to their work.
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    they should make it free for the average joe but make it paid for companies
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    Especially since derivative work in literature apparently means anything using any lore element from the source material. I can't imagine a comparable definition of derivative work for code that doesn't make Copilot a derivative of every single GPL project on Github, or at the very least an arbiter of IP theft.
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    I could care fucking less.

    I'm more upset that this is the 10th time a copilot post has come up on my feed on Devrant.
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    github sucks anyway. especially since M$ took over. and i don't think that copilot will gain any actual relevance besides being a gimicky novelty.
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    @lbfalvy it doesn't matter what license you gave everyone if you gave github a broader license. GPL doesn't restrict the license you gave them by using their service.
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    Well they probably have costs to cover, i doube openAI lets them use that exlusive api to codex they developed to them gor free
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    @tosensei i would actually argue it has become better and some how useable for users that dont wanna pay.

    Like private repos becoming free etc.

    I hav no idea how people could use github before without paying for subscrption to have access to basic features.

    But overall expect from github, microsoft sucks.
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