Suddenly, I find myself in a crossroad situation. I have been offered a position which would align perfectly with my career path aspirations (cloud solutions architect) with double the pay to my current salary. If only those were the only variables in this equation, taking the offer would be a no-brainer. Alas, it is never that simple (unless all you care about are pay and career path, of course)…

So, let’s break it down to pros and cons of jumping ship, shall we?

- double pay compared to current salary
- aligns with my career aspiration
- part of a team of cloud solutions architects (mentorship opportunities)
- varying projects (position is at a consultancy firm)
- shares of the company come with the position ($$$ if it grows)
- possibility to influence strategic decisions
- no more 2h+ commutes

- it’s a consultancy startup (emphasis on both consultancy and startup)
- 100% wfh
- would mean losing my current team where we are well and truly glued together and have such great vibes (and I value this, very very highly - this really is the main con)
- would mean losing my current work environment, where we have a gym and sauna at the office etc all kinds of stuff that support my athletic lifestyle
- would mean I don’t have as many opportunities to visit my parents anymore (since they live close to my current office but not close to me)
- at my current position I have super interesting projects both ongoing and in the horizon for a long time to come
- would mean eating my words (see previous point, and the fact I’ve said to my TM ”I can see myself staying as long as this job offers me opportunities to keep learning skills that are meaningful to me”), and I value my integrity
- would mean leaving my colleagues in quite a hairy spot, effectively betraying them in my mind (when our lead dev jumped ship a few years ago, he left us in quite a limbo and hands full of shit we didn’t know what to do about… I don’t wish that situation for anyone)

So, to sum it up, my reasons to stay are more those of moral integrity and convenience, well as the will to see the wheels I got rolling to the end, whereas my reasons to go are more personal finances and career oriented. A difficult decision. What to do?

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    I mean I really enjoy my current work environment and I just got a massive raise (by just I mean the first paycheck where it’s reflected is the next one)… on the other hand, opportunities. Money. Stuff. I don’t fucking know. I’m incapable of making even the easy decisions, so gorramn it these hard ones are nigh impossible for me!
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    So essentially it's more pay and new unkown projects that may or may not be more enjoable VS a stable environment that you enjoy living and working in.

    imo Money is important, but if your pay is currently relatively good, there's no need to risk losing what you have for it
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    I would take the pay. Twice the pay is serious, it will impact your future considerably in terms of providing for a family or parents, buying property, retiring, being able to take a break. Opportunities also lead to more opportunities. In the end a job is just a contract to do some work in exchange for money, and it definitely is just that for a business.

    Visiting parents is the only thing that would concern me. But if I rented I would just move closer.
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    @ojt-rant that’s kind of my natural view as well. But I know I’m averse to taking risks. If anything, I’m overly cautious when it comes to significant changes. Acknowledging that tendency I can’t help but think if I’m just chicken. What would anyone else do in my shoes?

    Let’s also be realistic: while I got a significant raise, I am still underpaid. If money is the end-all-be-all, you don’t work in this company. If the only carrot in the new place were the double income, I wouldn’t even consider. But the jump on my career aspirations is the thing that forces me to sit on this fence and ponder which side to land on. The grass looks equally green on both lots.
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    @Crost I get your point. But I come from wealth, so in my case that’s rather irrelevant.

    Also, moving closer is not an option. Maybe it will be in the future, but that’s up to my partner, really.
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    @100110111 double the pay sounds dodgy too. These days businesses should be pretty frugal. Could be wreckless, could be a red flag. Unless you're seriously getting underpaid at work by A LOT.
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    @ojt-rant for my de-facto role I’m underpaid by a lot. For my official role I earn about 1k€ less than the national average (which is 4,5k€/mo)
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    I would consider mental health as well. Shit job environments and coworkers will do terrible things to your psyche. It is very hard to find a place you really like working at. There is more to life than money. If you can easily see salary raises coming your way in the future, it may be worth your time to stay. If raises seem like a very hard thing to get at your current place then it might be time to leave.
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    Personally, I would stay, and then eventually find a position where there would be less to sacrifice. The cons sound pretty huge
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    @MissTofu reading back it doesn’t seem like that’s about to change, unless something drastically changes at my current place. Most of those cons are for generally speaking leaving my current role regardless of what the new place/role would be.

    What really does bother me, tho, is the relative newness of that company… I mean it’s only 6mo old…
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    @ars1 you’re saying it might be time to leave? Raises are a very, very hard thing to get here… on the other hand my current salary is sufficient for my lifestyle, so once again it comes down to priorities. Whether to want more or to be content, the age old question.
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    Bitch, this is about money, the rest is just you and your girly feelings.

    Let go your emotional tampons bro
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    @arcioneo no. You spend about 35% of your waking hours at work each week. From the point of view of life quality aspects beyond money are not insignificant. I am not willing to suffer for money, long as I have options not to. I don’t live in a shithole like ’murica. Collecting big paychecks isn’t a driver for life quality around here. So take your girly feelings and suck yo mama’s titties like the pathetic twat you are.
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    It's a hard one...if there are no cloud solutions architect roles at your current company, you'll most likely have to jump ship one day, but the question is if this is the place to go to.

    How long is the notice period? Will they allow you to hand-over knowledge to your team or do they want you urgently? Are you ok with 100% remote working?

    And yeah, 6 months is a very small amount of time...
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