Since the last rant is talking about brains, I feel like this summer heat is frying my brain. It's been some of the weirdest days for me these last couple of days. I cannot focus on anything. Cannot make sane decisions or conclusions. I'm more depressed/sad. More disorganized. I don't want to eat anything. I'm sky-high anxious. I'm more shy than ever in public. I have no reason for that but I don't what's happening.

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    It’s the heat frying your brain, maybe? I don’t know, maybe it’s something else. Sounds like a normal day back in the day for me. The heat wave is hitting these necks of the wood tomorrow, and ramping up throughout next week… I’ll be back telling you if my symptoms for brainfry are the same…
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    When it's summer I'm super lazy, don't want to do anything.
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    there's a thing which i don't know the official name for, but it's basically deppression-induced stupidity. where clinical deppression can actually cause significant (temporary) drop in iq and cognitive abilities in general.

    and i would bet anxiety can do it too.
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